This project tells a local story with words, photos and symbols. The intergenerational work seeks to strengthen an understanding between all levels of the community. The Jatiwangi Art Factory (JAF), in Java, Indonesia,  has always been a strong force in community building. As an artist, JAF is a special place for me, because it allows me to work closely with many members of the community. As this is my third project there, I also feel that I have been able to build up a stronger personal understanding of the community.

reFRAMED the project, consists of a series of portraits that were taken in the community. I focused on the more senior members, who were also interviewed about their most precious memories of living there.

The installation of the work at the JAF gallery was done by painting the gallery wall with a black paint that acted as a chalk board.  Local school students were then invited to draw a frame for each portrait, using a series of symbols and colours. The students were also invited to write down their dreams and future hopes for themselves. The installation was completed by writing down the memory quotes from the people portrayed in the photos. This writing was done by various people who visited the gallery during the installation. The end effect was that a broad spectrum of the local community participated in the work. The exhibition of reFRAMED shows the children’s story as hope and dreams and the seeds of the community, which are nourished by the memories and experiences of the elders.

You can download a free PDF book of the project here:



More images and a video from the making of the project.


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